DLM Parent Empowerment Center

"An empowered parent armed with information will be able to transform their child’s life by allowing him or her an opportunity to excel beyond their expectations.”

~Kimberly A. Morrow

According to Sheen Magazine, "Kimberly A. Morrow, is on a mission to empower parents to become better advocates for their children." Early in her career as a teacher, Kimberly recognized parents were often confronted with issues of not knowing essential study skills for children, technology, preparing their child for college, and tackling their children's obstacles to learning.

Kimberly has extensive experience working with parents and students and will bring compassion, knowledge, and support to the parents of Doris L. Morrow Academy's Parent Empowerment. Workshops will allow parents an opportunity to gain valuable current information on curriculum, teaching strategies, and Project-Based Learning. arents will have questions answered, share information with other parents and receive the support and guidance they need to empower themselves and their children.


A Gem of a Homeschool Educator.

I found Miss Kimberly on "Nextdoor". We're having great results at Doris L. Morrow Academy and I wish to share how good she is with my children in hopes it can help other families who are looking for help and/or interested. " Taaj Rousell

A Special Tutor!

"One thing I really like about you is when my son was going through family issues you said I really like Chris and will take him under my wings and help him.. and to me that was something special because I’ve always feared that my son may hurt himself due to people treating him wrong, and never taking a liking to him. I really wanted to thank Miss KImberly for all of her help. ~"Sharetha (Parent)