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Pricing and Payments

Homeschool, Virtual Classes, Coaching and Workshops  

The Financial Commitment

We realize that investing in tuition-based education and/or educational services for your child requires commitment. We endeavor to simplify the process with a simple payment process and low fees. Digital materials are included in class fees.  Ongoing classes

require a monthly subscription. All other classes require fees to be paid in full before the student attends class.    

Homeschool Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2023-2024

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Homeschool Umbrella Program

6th- 12th Grade

Annual fee of $350 includes:

  1.  Enrollment by completed application with Doris L. Morrow Academy Private School Satellite Program (PSP) registered with an annual Private School Affidavit in the State of California;

  2. We provide guidance and curriculum recommendations to families.

  3. We will function as your school office, taking care of records maintenance, interaction with previous schools, and state and business forms.

You can focus on learning and leave the administrative issues to us.

Interactive Virtual Classes 

Ages 12-18 

       Classes will meet once a week via Zoom or Google Meet.  All classes are Pacific Standard Time.  If you are in another time zone please adjust your time accordingly. 

  • Step 1- Enroll in class

  • Step 2 -Pay Class Fee 

  • Step 3 -The teacher will email you the Zoom/Google Meet link and digital materials needed for the class after payment is processed.  

  •  Step 4 - Attend each class 

  • Step 5- Engage with the instructor and Enjoy the Class!


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Homeschool Coaching/

Consultation Services/

Workshop Presenter 

Book an Appointment for Coaching/Consultations/Workshops

  • Free 15-30 Minute Consultation 

  • Academic and Homeschool Coaching $50/hr 

  • Call for a quote for Workshop fee- Price determined by time+ # of attendees.  

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