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Tuition & Fees

Homeschool, In-Person, and Virtual Classes and Tutoring Services

The Financial Commitment

We realize that investing in a tuition-based education and/or tutoring services for your child requires commitment. We endeavor to simplify the process with a variable tuition rate and tutoring packages for our programs. We do not assess any additional fees for books or supplies. Financial Assistance is not yet available, but we are working towards offering need-based scholarships.

Homeschool Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2022-2023


OPTION 1: Umbrella Program

K - 12th Grade

Annual fee of $375 includes: a) Enrollment by completed application with Doris L. Morrow Academy Private School Satellite Program (PSP) registered with an annual Private School Affidavit in the State of California; b) We provide guidance and curriculum assistance to families. c) We will function as your school office, taking care of records maintenance, interaction with previous schools, state and business forms. You can focus on learning and leave the administrative issues to us.

OPTION 2: In-Person Learning

K - 12 Grade


  • 4-5 Days; 9:00-3:00PM; $8,000 annually

  • Sibling Discounts 

  • $250 Registration Fee includes: School ID, Planner, Curriculum online and subscriptions, use of Technology, Transportation to Specified Field Trip Location


        Tuition Payment Options 

  1. Pay annual tuition in full and receive a 10% discount

  2. Payment Plans

a. Pay each semester in full and receive a 5% discount

b. Pay monthly beginning  August 1st - July 1st 

c. Pay bi-monthly beginning August 1st -July 1st 

Young Women with Backpacks
Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

OPTION 3: In-Person & Virtual Learning

K - 12th Grade

Register for Virtual/Online Classes

  • $275 per class per semester downloadable materials for the class are included.

  • Individual Classes Meet 1 day a week: $275 per class for the semester.


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